Tandoor and Tap

  • Brand Positioning
  • Visual Identity
  • Retail / Environmental Design
  • Website Development
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Advertising Creation & Implementation
  • Photography & Videography

“Every time we get together at someone’s house, we’re always greeted with Chai tea or food … But the thing you’ll hear the most is laughter. "

Tandoor & Tap came to us looking for an identity that resonated with their personality - lively, authentic, and above all - different from anything else in town. Tandoor & Tap is the only authentic Indian culinary experience in Statesboro, in a setting rich with colorful culture. Just like the charm of its Tandoor oven, this new restaurant welcomes guests to an unforgettable authentic dining experience.

As with any great curry, an Indian chef builds flavor in layers — adding depth with every additional spice. A genuinely great identity is built on layers, too, from the typeface to the palette.

Our visual inspiration came from essential aspects of Indian food and culture. With Tandoor & Tap, we wanted to design a logo mark and visual identity that were versatile across digital platforms and print materials.

While most people in the area cannot read Hindi, we still wanted to visually reflect the uniqueness of the Devanagari script found in the Hindi language. We had a friend write “Tandoor and Tap” in Hindi, which we transferred digitally into the script and incorporated into the typecase.

Translated, the Devanagari script literally means - "from the abode of divinity."

Geometric designs were not only aesthetically pleasing - they also have a sacred significance in Indian culture. They’re a reminder of what lies beyond the material. Repeated geometric patterns also symbolize how the infinite and divine can be accessed through a single shape.

We layered the patterns, one on top of the other, for the logo. The designs often used in handmade Indian textiles created a versatile design that we referenced throughout the logo build. Then, we took a single grain of rice, a staple of Indian cuisine, and meshed it into the pattern. Next, we added spices, the basis of any great Indian dish. Finally, we fanned out peacock feathers to illustrate the beauty of Indian culture and cuisine and finish out the design.

Laughter, fun, and family were injected into a verbal identity representing the joy of the Jetwani family and Indian culture. Vibrancy and bold taste were our guides. With inspiration from these aspects of Indian culture, we could design logo marks and a further visual identity that was scalable and versatile across digital platforms and print materials.

Let’s take you to new ground.