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Derived from the Greek word, Apeiros, Paros captures the moments you never want to forget. Justin and company let our team have the reigns from concept to execution. There’s something to be said for creatives who work together — when it works, it’s magical.

An international wedding film company that preserves every nuance of a couple's wedding day for years to come, Paros reaffirms that reliving a wedding day shouldn’t be hard. It should be easy, an opportunity to reconnect with moments that moved people to tears or laughter.

It's all about capturing the power of a memory.

Each half of the “O” represents an individual forming a union – a pair. Each piece comes together to make a whole, symbolizing the infinite love marriage means. It’s simple yet unforgettable.

We wanted the type to take up this passionate, sophisticated, and elegant approach, yet not have it lean full “Etsy” or “feminine.” It fit within the wedding space yet stood out and felt elevated – known, yet premium. It’s curved, round, elegant, and deceptively classicist while being straight and edgy with its alternates.

Highlighting Paros’ witty, friendly personality provided a place where clients felt immediately at home. Core messaging showcased the filmmaking process as more than just a check-the-block requirement. It made it a joy – something fun for the wedding day.

Passionate and sophisticated, this palette was as inspired as a European destination wedding. The primary color – crimson – is the essence of luxury, reminiscent of a red Ferrari or the sole of a Louboutin heel. Developing the typography around this color resonated with the brand's story: elegance with a flare of panache.

Paros’ story is to captivate. Inspire. To be a visionary while inspiring other artisans. What makes them radically different? By being real people. They’re not only authentic but personable. Fun. Easygoing. Every part of their verbal identity had to have a friendly tone that inspired trust with clients and their families.

For Paros, we highlighted the craft, not the brand. A complete digital rebrand included videos and brought a “different” way of packaging and pricing. Just like Paros, every step of the process had to be elevated, guaranteeing a premium experience for the user.

Let’s take you to new ground.