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Eagle Nation Collective is breaking new ground with its first-ever initiative to leverage name, image, and likeness (NIL) opportunities for its student-athletes. With the help of investors and alumni, ENC generates NIL opportunities like social media endorsements, appearances, autographs, and digital content, all while building relationships between fans and the field of play.

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The Problem: Eagle Nation Collective needed a way to bridge the gap between fans and student-athletes, creating a platform for connection and engagement. They approached us with a mission: design a platform that helps fans support their favorite athletes while being part of something bigger.

The Solution: We embarked on a journey with Eagle Nation Collective to create a platform that unites the fan base and empowers student-athletes. Our team dove headfirst into the project, handling the verbal, visual, and digital identity.

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Visual Identity: We couldn't use any Georgia Southern University marks due to copyright, as the Collective is its own entity outside of the university. We needed something intuitive that shares a resemblance without infringing on what GSU owns. So, we developed a logo that symbolized the collective spirit at the heart of the initiative. From the letter "E," we added a flag, an eagle head, and six feathers to signify Georgia Southern's six national championships. The result was a sleek design that took the Collective to the next level.

We built on the OG type and palette of Georgia Southern University while giving it a lot of space to grow. We selected an eye-catching typeface that captured the energy of Georgia Southern Athletics, and integrated it into the site build.

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Web Identity: Creating an immersive online experience was crucial. Our team designed a user-friendly website to serve as the fan-athlete epicenter. We framed the layout and navigation to ensure easy exploration and engagement. From athlete profiles and exclusive content to merchandise offerings, fans had a one-stop destination for Eagle Nation.

Web Copy: We crafted copy that conveyed the core values of the Eagle Nation Collective with warmth and enthusiasm. We emphasized the relationship between fans and athletes, highlighting how fan contributions benefit players and, ultimately, the entire athletics program at Eagle Nation. By featuring exclusive interviews, behind-the-scenes access, and the chance to be a part of Eagle Nation Athletics, fans now have a platform to become an integral part of the team. And we're pretty excited about that!

View website here.

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The Results: Our collaboration with Eagle Nation Collective was a game-changer. The new web build is ready to host connections between fans and athletes, fostering a robust community between fans and student athletes. The site is a hub where fans can contribute directly, leading to better equipment, improved facilities, and stronger athletes and programs.

Our team crafted an engaging platform that unites fans and athletes within the Eagle Nation Collective. Through verbal, visual, and digital identities, we created a space where fans can show their unwavering support, athletes can thrive, and the whole of Eagle Nation can soar. Together, this partnership demonstrated the power of design in building connections and fostering a sense of belonging.


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