Abide Home Care

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Encapsulating the feeling of home with a complete rebrand, we designed the verbal, visual, and digital identity to accurately reflect an in-home senior care provider's mission. What began as a small, in-home care business grew into a state-wide company needing standout branding and messaging. This rebrand wasn't just for the clients but also their families.

Abide Home Care's new identity was bursting with radiant color, signaling a transition for the decades-old company known previously as Georgia Living Senior Home Care, a division of Georgia Living Management. We stepped in early to develop the name, the brand, and the digital identity for their future business efforts.

Abide became a place where heartfelt, hometown care is brought to life.

After years in business, Abide needed to expand its reach. We discovered their core beliefs and realized their goals and needs. Abide's mission was to bring light into homes and help neighbors live well, a mission that resonated deeply with us.

The palette carried the vibrancy of people from all walks of life – a rainbow of color representing inclusivity and diversity, an image of love and friendship.

Abide's hand-drawn graphics support the at-home branding. They added rhythm to imagery and remained dynamic across Abide's visual brand experience. They are stylistically drawn with fine-line ink pen and can be used to add texture, imagery, and pattern to the site experience.

From a type standpoint, we wanted something to match the color and mark. It needed to be warm and welcoming but still fresh and young. Something that would resonate with loved ones and family.

Abide's previous brand didn't reflect its future goals. We developed a verbal identity around their core values, sharing their passion for their work, their commitment to dependability, and their careful match-making process in placing in-home caregivers.

In addition, we wanted the brand to convey care and emotional support. Through this process, Abide's verbiage reassured clients of the comfort of feeling at home, restoring dignity at a time when families feel most vulnerable.

Let’s take you to new ground.