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Three Tree Coffee

Three Tree Coffee Roasters

With three young kids like I have, there is ample need for coffee. Good coffee makes all the difference in the world and since some friends started a coffee shop in Greenville, SC called Methodical Coffee, I began my journey from Folgers to good [actual] coffee. Little did I know a few years ago, but Three Tree had begun roasting their own coffee locally in Statesboro. A year ago they went from roasting coffee to owning their own coffee shop and since then, I've spent majority of every morning drinking their coffee. Not only are they good people that serve good coffee, but they want to do something with their popularity and influence by committing to engaging the community, empowering the farmers, and ending sex trafficking. That's a company I can get behind.

That's why I was pumped for the opportunity to work with them on tweaking their logo, redesigning their coffee bag packaging, and soon, to launch a brand new web experience.

I started this whole project by tweaking their original logo—approaching a client to tell them they really need to tweak the logo is never easy and quite frankly, it's usually pretty awkward. But sometimes its worth the risk to go ahead and make the necessary adjustments. I started by cleaning up the mark and then moved to addressing the font. The original font was a condensed sans serif font with sharp edges while the mark consisted of circles and round corners. While I'm a fan of juxtaposition, this just felt a little off. So I went and grabbed Rift from Mattox Shuler over at Fort Foundry and I think it makes the brand feel much more approachable. Which is what you'll find when you come to Three Tree; a friendly, approachable passion for good coffee. 

After the logo revision, we moved into addressing their coffee bag packaging. Our goal in this process was to cut down on the manufacturing time and price per bag, increase brand awareness through differentiation, and provide them with a system of packaging to distinguish between their fair trade coffees and their non-fair trade, specialty coffees. The system we've created has achieved all of the above goals and the feedback they've received from employees and the public has all been positive. I'm thrilled to continue partnering with them in the future as they continue to expand their reach and their mission.

If you'd like to order their coffee, learn more about their mission, or any general info, visit their website and nab a bag or three.


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"Sean worked with us to consolidate our brand identity, resulting in him creating new bag labels as well as a new website for us.  My favorite part of working with Sean is he will share his opinion, whether agreeing or not.  He fights for what he thinks will be best, but he ultimately will leave the decisions up to the business.  This resulted in good discussions and excellent collaboration as we resolved branding issues and re-vamped our image.  We needed his expertise.  From big picture theory stuff, to the detail and design, Sean has a complete understanding of branding and was a huge asset to our business."
Phillip Klayman
Co-Owner Three Tree Coffee Roasters
 Front of the new fair trade label.

Front of the new fair trade label.

 Back of the new fair trade label.

Back of the new fair trade label.